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The only time I’ve seen the controller reset is when I send a log request. I had it running on my desktop for several days before I actually installed it, connected first to my core WiFi network, then through the WiFi extenders. Never once did I see it ‘spontaneously’ reset.

Now, I can stand in front the controller, which I am yet to ever see ‘spontaneously’ reset, and trigger a reset simply be entering a View Log request from my iPad or laptop. Every time. 100% consistency. No reset at any other time. Nonetheless, I changed the power supply to a 3A model, and I see exactly the same results.

Having said all that though, one of my other controllers has now accumulated enough log entries to fill a 4k buffer (if we were suspecting this to be the problem), and I can see that it is sending out what looks to be a second buffer load of data without any problem (I can view its log without that controller’s resetting). This controller is also configured with an expansion module, but as yet I have no stations connected to the expansion module.

I’ll wait a couple more days and see if this second controller is still displaying its log OK, then I’ll try swapping the two controllers over and see what happens. It will then take another week or so to fill up the logs sufficiently to see if any of our problems reappear. Stay tuned…