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Yep, I pretty much worked that out between discovering that only some of my controllers would do the ‘Access Point restart’, the comment in the other thread that the problem had been identified and fixed, and the fact that one of my controllers was now obviously sending out more than 4k of log data.

I have indeed swapped the problem controller for one with the new software and put the older controllers on the lines with the least load. That should at least keep the problem at bay until I can get them upgraded.

I had already downloaded the code and was intending to play with that in the future. I just wanted everything working properly and stable before I started fiddling. It’s probably even more useful that I have contollers with the new code because I can leave them alone for the time being as a reference and just fiddle with the older ones.

Thanks for your help though. As usual, you learn a lot more about things when they go wrong than when they don’t…