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Sorry if this is a dumb newbie question…

I think I managed to get everything to compile OK:

Linking /tmp/mainArduino/mainArduino.bin
Versions: , 2.2.0-dirty

Memory usage
Ram: 41053 bytes
Flash: 328683 bytes

Build complete. Elapsed time: 22 seconds

I can see a whole stack of stuff in the /tmp/mainArduino directory, but how do I get whatever needs to be onto the OpenSprinkler? I ran the makefile from within the Arduino/libraries/OpenSprinkler directory, and I did specify what I believe to be the correct UPLOAD_PORT. Was the image supposed to get uploaded as part of the make process?

I didn’t want to just play around at this point because I didn’t want to trash whatever was currently on the OpenSprinkler without some level of confidence that I’d be able to put something functional back.