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Sorry but I seem to have totally lost track of where I posted this information. We discovered there was a bug in the log retrieving code (it’s a buffer overflow bug) that causes the controller to reboot if the log data to be retrieved is larger than some certain amount (4K if I recall corrected). We fixed it in firmware 2.1.7(2):
However, it seems we currently don’t published the compiled OS 3.0 firmware in the Compiled firmware Github repository:
which is alarming to me as I thought we have don so. Well, I must be going out of mind with the things I am juggling with… Anyways, I am posting OpenSprinkler 3.0 firmware 2.1.7(2) here (with some minimum instructions) and will add that to the Github page later today. Sorry about that!

To update firmware on OS 3.0, download the firmware here, unzip it to a .bin file, then open a browser and type in http://x.x.x.x/update, where x.x.x.x is your OpenSprinkler’s IP address. You should then see the update interface. Select the .bin file you just unzipped (don’t select the zip file!), then type in your device’s password, and click Update.

In the rare case if the update fails, you can unplug OpenSprinkler’s power, replug it, and then try again. There is always a way to update firmware through USB port, but generally over the air update should work fine.