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My apologies if this post is a duplicate… The original post seems to have been deleted when I editied it to be notified of follow-up replies…

I’ve just hooked up a 3-wire [Nymet] flow sensor to one of my controllers (2.1.7(2) firmware). All of my controllers are v3.0 hardware and I’m assuming that 3-wire sensors are now ‘fully’ supported with that platform becuase it includes external connectors for a +5V supply as well as GND and two sensor inputs (SN1 & SN2). Having read that SN2 is not currently used, my flow sensor is conencted to SN1 (as well as +5V/GND).

My flow sensor is conencted to the controller that is located next to my pump, and when that controller opens a valve, appropriate messages appear in the log. There is a problem displaying log messages since installing the flow sensor, but I’ll raise that matter in another post.

The main issue I have at the moment is that the flow sensor doesn’t seem to trigger any events if there’s no program running on the local controller. If valves conencted to any of my other controllers are opened, and the pump starts running as a result, the flows do not appear to be recorded.

Is that the way things are meant to work? I can reason that it may not be desirable to be writing a constant stream of log messages, but it would be of value to be writing messages when non-zero flows were detected.

My application is a rural application and apart from monitoring normal pump output regardless of whether or not the local controller was running a program, I was also hoping to use this data to detect, and ultiamtely [automatically] respond to, abnormal events, like a blown hose joint or a burst pipe.