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Cool. Thanks for sharing your ideas. A heads up about a new variation of OS 3.0 hardware: in about a month or two, we will have ready OS 3.0 Latching — a third variation of OS 3.0 (after AC-powered and DC-powered) designed specifically for latching solenoids valves. This will be a direct upgrade of OSBee, it uses the same two-layer design as OS 3.0 AC and DC: there is a top-level board that contains the WiFi chip, LED and buttons; and a bottom-level board that contains the power and solenoid drivers. The latching version, in particular, has H-bridge solenoid drivers (same as OSBee) and has 8 zones just like the other two variations. The advantage is that it can run the same OS 3.0 firmware and supports the OpenSprinkler mobile app, so all OS features including weather will be supported.