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My closest outdoor electrical outlet to the Hose Bib (silcock) is about 3 feet. I decided the best approach (in my situation) was to extend the valve wires on the orbit valves to reach the box. The next problem of “how” was frustrating because *i* was unable to find any pics, a guide, or a video on the web of the innards of this valve. It seems to be a partially spot welded plastic shell. I chose not to blow $15 finding out and and potentially breaking it. Any links to repairing these valves themselves would be appreciated for future reference.

I decided to extend the wires from the plug to the box. This is a sealed molded plastic shell that seems a “proprietary” shape with an o-ring seal. I don’t have a valve-controller, so i did not know the size of the male pins. First, i “Dremel” split the plug in half along the seam. The picture attached shows the internal wiring with the quick connect spring loaded brass contacts in place. The other photo shows the brass contacts attached to the wires FIO. The small square object on the right is a slidable rubber gasket used to make the plug water tight. The last photo of the empty articulated shell of the plug is attached simply to be comprehensive about the innards FIO.