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Ray, Thanks for the suggestion. I plan to bring the controller in the house and hook it up as you suggest, in the next week or so. It is still running OK, so there isn’t a crisis. I have my doubts that it will do any good though. During the past winter, there were a couple of times that I thought it may have stopped operating, but the winter schedule is sparse, without the frequent operation as the summer. The power line adapters have more than once seemed unreliable, but I have the feeling that this time it is for real, because none of the swaps I made produced any results. I just took a laptop and cable out to the controller and hooked it up. The data light on the controller jack and the laptop both light, but I could not connect as I have done before. There is a lot of data flashes when I power up the controller, and the IP address is what I expect, but no connection. If what I reported gives you any kind of a hint, please pass it along.
I was pretty much resigned to ordering a new controller, but on a lark I looked on eBay and found a V2.3 DC, which I bought. It is what I would have likely have ordered anyway. I’m not giving up on my original OS though. I don’t know if I have the program settings recorded anywhere, and it will be a pain without them. I would like to get the old one working. Although I have plenty of old controllers here, I would like to have a backup OpenSprinkler rather than one of the antiques I have around here.