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The switch to OpenWeatherMap is automatic for all OpenSprinkler users — this is a change done on server, and does not require any firmware change.

About Netatmo: I’ve replied in another thread that we will be looking into it.

About OSBee: I mentioned in a different thread that we will soon be releasing a third variant of OpenSprinkler, called OpenSprinkler latch, which is in the same form factor as OpenSprinkler 3.0 but uses latching solenoid driver board. It runs the same OpenSprinkler firmware and is designed for latching valves only. We currently don’t plan to adapt OS firmware to OSBee, because changing the OS firmware to fit OSBee is fairly involved, and OSBee was meant to be a smaller controller for only 3 zones — in my mind it has a better program interface which is very flexible (allows you to schedule zones in any arbitrary order or in parallel). On the other hand, the same program interface isn’t easy to adapt to OS 3.0 — as OS 3.0 now supports up to 72 zones, that program interface isn’t really suitable for a large number of zones.