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Good to hear that the second sensor port is supported somewhere soon.

The manual op the Rainbird SMRT-Y states the following: ”
NOTE: Some controllers do not
provide internal access to the AC power
terminals. In this case a 24 volt AC
adapter is available at your local sprinkler
supply store. You will need to connect
one of the AC adapter wires to the COM
terminal (which will also have the Black
wire from the SMRT-Y attached) and
the other adapter wire connects to the
Orange wire coming from the SMRT-Y.”

The Opensprinklercontroller also does not provide internal acces to a 24VAC source. I am a bit reluctant though to connect one of the wires of the separate 24VAC adapter (Hunter) to the COM terminal of the Opensprinkler controller… can this be done without the risk of frying the Opensprinklermodule?

this is how the SMRT-y is normally connected: