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@trebOr, I cant replicate the problem with the first attachment but I’m using slightly different versions to you so I will upgrade to the equivalents and test a bit more. Can you take a screen shot of the populated station dialog “before” you hit submit so that I can see what you are putting into each field. Can you then wait for 60 seconds and then re-open the dialog to see if the contents are correct. You need the pause as the App takes a while to reload data from Firmware.

I can replicate the second attachment and it looks like the App import functionality works differently to the station settings dialog. The import code does not uri encode the special station configuration data before sending across to Firmware. As a result, the Firmware parser sees the first “&” in the on command and thinks that’s the end of the station config. Hence you get a truncated On command and an undefined Off command. This is probably down to me as I think the HTTP Station is the only place where you need nested encoding. I’ll submit a fix into OpenSprinkler-App as soon as I get some time.

If you need an interim work-around, and are comfortable with linux command line, then you could edit the stns.dat file in the pi home directory to contain the right configuration. This is a binary file so you would need a HEX editor (sudo apt-get install hexedit). Let me know and I can tell you more on this.

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