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The Meteoware Plus workaround I’m using is still working with interruptions. My Netatmo PWS is not always visible at the Weather Underground Map and the WU Current Conditions are often not periodically updated in time. I don’t know why. Maybe only a temporary malfunction at the WU side? However, the historical data is always valid and I can use it for my OpenSprinkler watering system.

By the way. It started raining later this morning and the OpenSprinkler water level changed to 0 for one hour, back to 115% thereafter and again to 0 for about 3 hours thereafter. Unfortunately, this happened after my watering program runs early morning. I have no rain sensor installed. Is this behaviour described somewhere? I know that details can be found in the github repository. It seems to be an additonal feature to stop the watering, if it starts raining?

Thanks and regards