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@Ray: I appreciate the reminder. I have bookmarked my site for quick access, as far as I’m concerned things are still working, just not quite as convenient. I’m new to the most recent firmware and I love the advanced weather-based adjustments.

: I *just now* (13:12 EDT) updated the app to v1.8.1. The only change is that I now get an “Incorrect Password” prompt instead of the original error message that indicated “Cannot connect to Home.” So, still no access with the iPhone app.

Some more details about my setup, and remember that the web UI works fine for all of this. I’m not sure if any of this will be helpful: I have dynamic DNS setup on my Ubiquiti firewall. Behind that I direct all HTTP(S) traffic (ports 80/443) to an nginx reverse proxy server that allows me to easily create subdomains for the few different services I want to be able to access remotely. That nginx instance applies basic HTTP authentication to the OSPi server and also acts as an SSL endpoint with LetsEncrypt. I know the default port for the OpenSprinkler web server is 8080, which can be changed in the settings, but I have left that alone as the reverse proxy allows me to “change” it to port 80 on the WAN side.

As I mentioned previously, my father is having the same issue. Different OpenSprinkler hardware, but also behind reverse proxy with HTTP authentication, though I haven’t setup SSL at his place. Again, direct access of web UI on the WAN facing sub domain works without issue.

Not sure if any of this is useful for consideration of this bug. If this forum supports direct messaging I wouldn’t mind offering you my URL and a test user for debugging purposes.