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Hi Samer, my issue was using chrome/internet explorer/safari port 8080 would not come up or do anything.

I used a spare SD card and loaded the newest raspbian, set up wifi, and downloaded and installed OpenSprinkler and its working now on port 8080. On another note, the zone expander I have does not work at all. I have plugged it into the opensprinkler and tested one sprinkler (the green cable) on it’s line 1. I tested it using the app on station 9, and station 10.. nothing happened. I unplugged it and put it into station 1 on opensprinkler and tested it, which works fine. I don’t know why the zone expander is not working and I am not sure what to try to get it working. My setup is currently being tested and I get everything working correctly I plan on cleaning it up and making it look pretty. I appreciate any advice you can give me.

According to the about page:

App Version 1.8.0
Firmware 2.1.8 (1)
Hardware Version: OSPi