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Old thread but I just finally moved from the Python version to the C++ version.

I didn’t really want to go through the effort to reinstall an new Raspbian so I just changed the etherport.cpp file to use IPv4 and that seems to be working just fine.

I searched the rest of the code and there isn’t really anywhere where v6 is needed and I feel better not using ipv6 at this time.

Note that I don’t allow my opensprinkler to access the internet (I did to get the position setup but it’s locked down again). I don’t know if that matters to others.

I will do a PR back to the repo once I figure out what’s up with logging and the nvm.dat file locations. (i.e. I run OpenSprinkler from /usr/local/bin, I would have thought that the nvm.dat would live in /etc/OpenSprinkler and the logs in /var/log but they don’t).