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Clearly the current OWM-based code is using the current temperature and humidity (and rain level? uncertain) when calculating the watering level. This caused me some confusion, and is of course suboptimal. However, at least once I know what is happening, it is possible to, for example, turn off temperature-based adjustment, cut the humidity adjustment down, or just turn it off entirely and buy a rain sensor. 🙂

1) I would suggest adding information about this behavior to the documentation until a fix is released?

Obvious solutions include using a different API or provider, or letting the system average temperatures over the course of a day (fails if system power is lost but quite doable and also makes support of weather stations that do not report averages possible). Etc.

2) Is there a ticket number for this issue, and any sort of semi-official plan? I guess it’s time to clone again. :{ [edit] I see from the discussion that there is a plan to support paid OWM, which is fine. Is there a ticket number and a timeline?

If there’s one thing in life I don’t need, it’s yet another project, but I *do* want forecast-based watering adjustments, so there you go.