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Hi, I’m trying to build a system that works with latching valves from scratch (using ESP8266, some PCF8574s, the RTC, SSD1306, and so on) that runs the OS firmware, and I was hoping to get a little more information about the current firmware (2.1.8) support for latching valves, and the anticipated hardware configuration that works with the firmware. It seems that the firmware detects whether the system is latching or some other config (DC/AC non latching) via the address of the PCF8574 driver board; I think I have that working given the “LA” displayed during startup. What I can’t seem to find is the code that describes how the firmware controls the hardware outputs when hw_type=HW_TYPE_LATCH (inside OpenSprinkler::apply_all_station_bits() ?) Will there be a hardware schematic available for the OS 3.0 Latch configuration?