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Same here. There is a link on the page to click if you are the ‘website owner’ It goes to >> here

It seems to suggest billing changes occurred for google maps on July 16 2018 and contains the following:

API Key and Billing Errors

A darkened map, or ‘negative’ Street View image, watermarked with “for development purposes only” is returned when any of the following is true:

The request is missing an API key.
Billing has not been enabled on your account.
The provided billing method is invalid (for example an expired credit card).
A self-imposed daily limit has been exceeded.

If you are the website owner, you can fix this by getting an API key and enabling billing on your account, or by increasing your daily limit. For help on finding error messages, see the section on checking errors in your browser.

Firmware 2.17(1) App 1.6.0 (win10)