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That look like a great start! I would definitely love to see this on the next firmware update 🙂

Having used Home Assistant for a while, I would just keep it very simple: a state subtopic for each station, i.e. opensprinkler/station/4 with the following payload sent with the RETAIN flag:

  "state": "on",
  "name": "My First Station",
  "duration": 10,
  "updated_at": 1530394861

Then another subtopic for setting station data, i.e. opensprinkler/station/4/set:

  "state": "off",
  "name": "New Station Name",
  "ignore_rain": true,
  "sequential": false,
  "enabled": true

Main controller settings could be updated using the opensprinkler/set topic, probably on a 2nd phase.