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Many thanks for the clarification, Ray!

It rained on the 9th at home and it is logged which is great. The way it is logged is it gives a duration of 1 day 1 hour 45 min and 5 sec, time was 1:32pm and the “station” was the rain sensor.

From this I understand that the rain sensor detected enough rain at 1:32pm to release the signal, and that it dried out around 25 hours later. However my assumption doesn’t look correct as the lawn watering did occur the next day at 5am although I’m not ignoring rain on that station and this is only roughly 15h after rain was detected?! Do I miss some configuration or do I misunderstand the rain sensor logs?

My last question is I’d like to bypass the rain sensor delay and set for instance a 2 days rain delay when rain is detected. Are there any guidance which code bits to change/how to use the software API? What is a good starting documentation for this?

Many thanks for all the help and for the great Open sprinkler Pi!