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Hi Ray,

actually, the heavy rain started on the 9th 1 to 2 hours before the time stamp from the logs so that the time stamp should indicate when the event started. I’ll pay attention to the next rain and check if I still have the same problem.

What I would like to do is still call the API upon receiving the signal from the rain sensor so that I can autmatically set a software rain delay. If the sensor delay is larger than the software delay – that’s fine! If it is shorter (what happened so far) then I still want to delay further. The logic behind is the region where I live (Provence in south of France) has around 4 months of drought in summer and I favor heavy watering at low frequencies so plants can grow roots in depth, and I also want to save water…

Also I can’t customize the delay on my Toro rain sensor (as far as I understand, and in any case it wouldn’t be precise). It’s a nice feature to bypass the sensor (offered by other irrigation controllers) although I understand I can’t bypass by having a shorter delay – which is not what I want anyway. Bypassing to ensure a minimum delay should still be possible though?!

Any pointers where to find more details how to extend the current software code would be highly appreciated.

Best regards,