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Hi Ray,

thanks for your answer. Yes I would like to add a fixed amount of time starting from the beginning rather than the end of the rain delay.

I manually verified the log time stamp as my rain sensor can be tested by pressing on top of the sensor and I can assure you the time stamp is when the rain sensor is first activated. In fact I’m glad it does as this is what makes more sense to me (I want to see the message that the rain sensor is activated on the OS GUI and want to know when rain delay started in the logs). Could it be the reason why the watering still occured on my post above the 9th of August? That is, that the code receives the signal when the rain sensor actually starts but the code assumes it is the signal end and triggers the end of the rain delay when it should be the begining? The outcome would be that there is eventually no rain delay. I will make another test soon to double check this.

I pushed the test button on the rain sensor at 16:02:31 displayed on OSPI web interface and waited till 16:05 to release the button. I can clearly see in the logs that the time stamp is 16:02:31 and runtime 2m 34s. Please see the attached screnshoot.

Sorry for the question coming from someone who isn’t used to coding in cpp: is there a way to extend the code with other languages such as python or perl?

My versions:
App Version: 1.8.1
Firmware: 2.1.8 (1)
Hardware version: OSPi

Best regards,