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New to OpenSprinkler and just had my first somewhat successful weather adjustment with the Zimmerman option enabled. I have noticed the same thing. Last night before heading to bed, the water percentage on the home screen was at 111%. I thought, good, it’s hotter that usual lately so it’ll be nice that the watering times will increase automatically. But this morning it was down to 24% and my morning program only ran for a couple minutes, instead of the 20 minutes it was programmed for. Our high was around 90 with a low in the mid 50s. So it appeared that the adjustment was at the time the program ran, which based it off of the low temp.

To get around this, I would need to do one of the following:
– set the program to run in the evening so it adjusts based on the high temp of the day
– adjust the zimmerman option for a lower baseline temp
– adjust the program sprinkler times to something outrageous like 2 hours(if I wanted a 10-20 minute watering time).

Am I understanding that correctly?