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I have just tried to erase the Wunderground API key from my Opensprinkler configuration due to the changes on the API service (I already had an API key when there was the announcement of the changes, so Wunderground is someway and sometimes still working for my system, but I would like to change to follow the next default OS weather adjustment configuration), but since when I did it I’ve experienced the behavior described by Ottorino and Jamba in replies #50739 and #50895.

So, I intend that now the default behavior of the Zimmerman weather adjustment method is to stop all the programs running in the nighttime, when the water level is always 0%.
Is it a desirable behavior? I’ve always made my irrigation during the nighttime but now, with these system limitations, I have to choose between this two choices:
– using the Zimmerman weather adjustment method (and program the irrigation just in the daytime);
– keeping on irrigating during the nighttime (but without the useful adjustments of the Zimmerman method).

Is it planned any action to avoid this situation and this choice?