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Hi Ray,
yes I had already downloaded and unzipped the zip file but my problems were (sorry if they seems basic questions but I’m an entusiasth but not that expert in ICT)at
– I didn’t know which one was the executable file (now it is clear, and it wasn’t before, that the executable file is the “Opensprinkler Updater”);
– I know I have to run it as root using “sudo” (it’s clearly written in the OpenSprinkler Firmware Update Guide) but I don’t know exactly how to run it! I searched around but I don’t find a clear guide to understand how to run such a file in Linux. Should I launch it in the terminal using sudo? It doesn’t work for me, or maybe I did it in the wrong way.
Please, if you think, specify a little more what should be done to “Run the program as root using sudo in order to gain USB permissions”.