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Seems like the problem is back, sorry for the cross post, I only saw this topic now and I can seem to figure out how to delete the other

Hi all,
I’m not getting the weather icon on the app, using a raspberry pi 3+. Is there any curl type command that I can send from the raspberry to see if I do get the data? If I go to the status or diagnostics screen, the weather update was successfully send and received, but no weather icon. We had a lot of rain over the weekend and the water level is 0%. So if I understand this correctly, that means that the stations will not run today and sort of indicates that the weather data was received?
Any ideas please? See screen shot

Just to follow up on this, when I select the Location, I get an “error” from google, “This page can’t load Google Maps correctly, do you own this website? But it seems to select correctly, I don’t know if that is related to the missing weather icon