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@Samer I use a Ubuntu 16.04 system and synaptic as Package Manager. Sudo was already installed but after your suggestion I’ve reinstalled it. After this reinstallation I don’t experience any change in the response of the system when I type
sudo OpenSprinkler\ Updater

sudo "OpenSprinkelr Updater"

in both cases I get:
sudo: OpenSprinkler Updater: command not found

I’ve been using Linux for more or less 10 years now, as a simple user and surely not as an expert, and it’s the first time I see a program file with spaces inside its name. Sure, I was not aware about that, but I think this point should be better documented in the instructions about the use of the OpenSprinkler Updater. Anyway, there’s no real need to solve this problem because there are more alternative ways to update the Opensprinkler Firmware, but I would be happy to find the way to launch this program. Which could be the issue that stops me?

Thank you for your advice. Bye.