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I’ve also been having this problem occasionally (maybe days or weeks apart?) where I discover the controller has dropped off the wifi network. I use OpenHab to drive the watering program, so it’s a big problem if it drops offline when I’m not around to reconnect it for more than a day or two. The display on the unit says it is reconnecting, but it does not do so until I reboot the unit (either by power cycling or holding the B2 button), at which point it reconnects immediately.

The get info page says “Firmware: 2.1.8(1), Hardware version: 3.0 – DC”

For now, I’ve set OpenHab up to warn me more actively if it drops the connection, but there’s something clearly not working in the firmware when it attempts to reconnect to wifi (its attempts – if indeed it is really attempting to reconnect – universally fail, whereas following a reboot it reconnects immediately… this leads me to believe it will not be solved by replacing the hardware).

Is there any way to access the unit at a lower level than the web gui and download a system log?