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It is my understanding that Weather Underground will provide free Replacement APIs for Personal Weather Station Contributors in the near future. They are not fee-based and contain:

– Current observations from the PWS network
– 5 day daily forecast
– PWS historical data
– PWS lookup by geocode, zip code and location
– Call volume: 1500/day, 30/minute

Details can be found here.

This will e.g. allow Netatmo Weather Station owners who send their data to WU to continue to use WU as a weather source for OpenSprinkler. However, some adaptations will be needed to the OpenSprinkler Weather Service script to retrieve the weather information. I hope that Ray or Samer will provide some information, if they will update their OpenSprinkler product accordingly?

From what I know OpenWeatherMap will not provide historical weather data for free, which makes it difficult to use the Zimmerman method in it’s original way. Please correct me if I’m wrong?