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Hello everyone, an update to my situation … So we’re finally getting >0% watering, though the number has been bouncing all over the place (between 10% and 45%) over the past couple hours. Currently at 22%.

Which leads me to believe that if I have my watering scheduled to start in the early morning (as opposed to the middle of the day, as it is now where I’m at) then my watering levels are going to be consistently near 0%. Even during the hotter period of the summer.

Another super odd issue I’m seeing is that only one of our stations is running “automatically” when the water level is >0%. Or maybe it is that it is barely over 0% and then goes to 0% partway during the programmed schedule?

We are using Meteobridge Pro for uploading our weather data. It’s been working great, though I can’t confirm whether the data is being sent to OpenWeatherMap. I did, however, find some documentation on how to actually get my weather data to go there (by creating the weather station thru raw API call). It’s very complicated, and I wish we could just nail down a specific method of reliably submitting and using our own weather data.

For example, we have a MySQL database that’s local here which has all of our weather station data saved each minute. It would be best if we could just have OpenSprinkler query that, instead of dealing with all these mad online services.