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Yea USA here.

It’s got to have something to do with OpenWeatherMap.

I would say allow for some sort of local database connection and let us skip the middleman for local actual data, and then supplement that with forecast data from a public service.

Obviously if we are forecast for 100% chance for 100mm of rain, then maybe don’t water … but for the California watering restrictions or watering requirements in general, the existing weather history from that location should be able to know if the soil is or air is moist (or higher chance of). Then combine that with the forecast. Or maybe that’s already how it works.

Also would be excellent to use solar radiation or UV if our weather stations support it. We get some random days out of the year where the radiation spikes and big chunks of our bushes literally burn to a crisp. I would love if OS could also take that into consideration for recent weather.

We live where it is rock hard soil. And get both snow and nearly 48°C in summer. So I would also love to see some way of seasonal adjustment based on time of year. Based on Zimmerman, our winter adjustments should realistically be about 40% of our summer adjustments (after all adjustments are made).

Or more realistically, Spring should be baseline at 100%, summer at 130%, fall at 80% and winter at about 65% of what we currently (or used to before OWM) have adjusted.

If that makes any sense. Obviously off topic now …