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Watering level system now running locally. OS Now using local weewx info (via Opensprinkler-weather service) for watering level calculation.

Locally running Opensprinkler-weather service, weather.js:
Updated to use float values (original service rounds values to nearest whole number, resulting in watering level change in larger increments)
Replaced execution of getOWMWeatherData function with new getWeewxWeatherData function to read JSON formatted report from local web server.
In future may also implement wind and solar values into calculation.

Created a report in JSON format to provide data for Opensprinkler-weather, for now trialing using the last 3 days of averaged data for watering level.
(Note: Seems original WU humidity was (Low+High)/2, not the average value for the period)

Couldn’t get OS to call the weather service set using the setting in http://osipaddr/su , so have redirected connections to to local webserver.