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Binary this looks like an interesting way to do this, I too have a PWS but don’t have it setup fully yet but may look into this down the track if the OWM system keeps failing to report rain events incorrectly.

Can this weewx run on a NAS by any chance as that would almost be ideal for me to log local data seeming most of the weather services now see to have lost their way with greed.

The main issue with OWM integration to OS is this out of control rain reporting I still don’t think we have had an official response from any of the Devs around what is causing this and by many accounts here renders the OS automatic watering useless.

I haven’t had time to try and actually setup a comparison between the numbers the OS reports vs talking directly to the OWM api but I guess this would be a good start to see if the problem lies in the OS or OWM api.