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@Peter, no I didn’t see that version. Agree it is a simple and neat solution. For myself, I’m finding weewx a better solution as I’ll now build my own historical data. WU has removed the “Custom” time span for data so I can no longer easily compare years or other custom spans :(. Who knows what else they will remove. Now I can record what I want in reports etc. I can also very easily change the report to the OS Weather service.

Yes I did look into having a script call OS to set watering rate, but in the end felt it was simpler/quicker to setup the existing system (Weather service – OS-Weather – OS) and modify. I did not loose any flexibility doing it this way as both can be easily modified. I’ve already got solar radiation reporting to OS-Weather for possible future ET based calculation.

Regarding OWM, Ah ok I see. That kinda makes sense if the forecast is swinging around.
Watering level values from (OWM source) and local opensprinker-weather (weewx 3dayAvg source):
21:08 OWM 86%, WEEWX 100%
21:50 OWM 84%, WEEWX 100%
03:03 OWM 54%, WEEWX 100%
03:21 OWM 50%, WEEWX 100%
04:00 OWM 43%, WEEWX 100%
04:30 OWM 39%, WEEWX 100%
05:00 OWM 35%, WEEWX 100%
05:30 OWM 35%, WEEWX 100%
06:00 OWM 89%, WEEWX 100%
06:30 OWM 89%, WEEWX 100%
07:00 OWM 91%, WEEWX 100%
07:45 OWM 101%, WEEWX 100%
08:07 OWM 111%, WEEWX 100%

Almost every site is forecasting Sunday/Monday 29°C-30°C (2°C-3°C warmer than yesterday) while OWM is forecasting 23°C-24°C. Regardless of broken forecast, the variance in OWM levels seem pretty messed up to me. This is without adding the rain issue into the mix.