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Wired my OSBee in today and set it up to be controlled from Pi OpenSprinker.
Ray – you produce great products and interesting to know how your clever circuitry works and be able to modify software/firmware if I want to.

Took me a little while to work out how to control OSBee from my Pi OpenSprinker, so thought I’d share the details.

In the API document that Ray references above you’ll find the manual command to start a zone and I found I can send the command with zero duration to turn off the zone.
For the on command I put in : rp?dkey=opendoor&pid=77&zbits=1&dur=600
This will turn on zone 1 for 600 seconds.
For the off command I put in: rp?dkey=opendoor&pid=77&zbits=1&dur=0