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I read through the OS manual and it appears one option for POC A and POC B would be to use a single main controller for each and then setup a second controller to act as a remote controller for each additional zone over 72. For instance:
POC A – 72 zones to Controller A1 – 22 remote zones to Controller A2
POC B – 72 zones to Controller B1 – 49 remote zones to Controller B2

Allowing a single flow meter to be used for each POC. That said, the distance between where our controllers are and where the flow meters will be, could require a different setup.

It appears OS can use both non powered two wire flow meters as well as three wire powered flow meters. We have fairly long distances (up to 1700 feet) between where the flow meter & master POC valve will be located and where our current controllers are located. Has anyone had luck with extended flow meter wire lengths?

If flow meter wire length is limited (which seems likely), perhaps a solution would be to locate the master “brain” controller (the one with the flow meter attached) near the flow meter and master POC valve. So instead of having the brain controllers located where all of the wires are, the brain controller would be located near the flow meter and master valve, and the remote controllers would be the controllers physically wired to each zone. For instance:

POC A – Controller A1 (POC A Master Valve and POC A Flow Meter)
POC A – Controller A2 (72 remote zones)
POC A – Controller A3 (22 remote zones)

POC B – Controller B1 (POC B Master Valve, POC B Flow Meter & 71 zones) *POC B is likely close enough for the flow meter to be wired directly*
POC B – Controller B2 (50 remote zones)

POC C – Controller C1 (POC C Master Valve and POC C Flow Meter)
POC C – Controller C2 (45 remote zones)

POC D – Controller D1 (POC D Master Valve and POC D Flow Meter)
POC D – Controller D2 (37 remote zones)

I’ve attached a map which will hopefully make the layout easier to understand. We will be installing a community wide mesh wifi network so wifi connection shouldn’t be an issue.

Unfortunately this design adds more controllers and cost but without something like a wifi flow meter I’m not sure how else to do it.

Is this likely to work or are there any other ideas?