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I am furious with what has happened to OpenSprinkler. I’ve been a customer for four years and OpenSprinkler has been “set and forget.” Now it’s useless. I’m in Colorado, and watering any time other than late at night is simply a waste of water. Between the wind and the evaporation rate, most of the water never makes it to the lawn. With the switch in weather providers, Zimmerman is completely useless, as shampeon pointed out. That eliminates one of the major features of OpenSprinkler, which I spent several months tuning for our situation. It took me several days to figure out why my expensive lawn was dying. I tested all the sprinklers, looked at the water level, increased the number of times the sprinklers ran at night, and the lawn is now a catastrophe. I woke up early this morning and noticed that the sprinklers were not running, but they should have been. The overnight temp was in the low 40s and the water level went to zero, which it has apparently been doing for a couple of weeks. I just spent a couple of hours reading the explanation in this forum, which makes logical sense, but the real impact is to make the OpenSprinkler device not worth much because I will have to do all the adjustments myself, probably daily. One of the great values of OpenSprinkler was that I could use the data from my own weather station via wunderground. I still have that access to that data, but OpenSprinkler no longer uses it. I want my money back!