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I still have some problems with the API Change Options call. To change the water level I used the simple API call http://ipadress/co?pw=mypassword&o23=77. It is working, the water level changed accordingly and results in {“result”:1}!

I now noticed that this command will also set the items NTP, DHCP and Logging to off. An important note in the OS Firmware 2.1.8 API Document describes this behaviour. I changed the API call to http://ipadress/co?pw=mypassword&ntp=1&dhcp=1&lg=1&o23=77 and thought this will solve the problem, but no success!

The issue is also described in thread API – Change Options Command. According to Samer it should be solved with firmware 2.1.6, but it seems to be still or again present in firmware 2.1.8.

I gave it several trials. However, the items NTP, DHCP and Logging are always set to off after running the API call.

I don’t use the items Sensor 1 type, Sensor 1 option, Ignore Password or Special auto refresh, but probably they are also affected.

Maybe I do something wrong? Help would be highly appreciated.