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, so the change in service provided by Weather Underground has resulted in moving to a new weather service provider, OWM. This required a change to the zimmerman logic as OWM provides forecast data rather than historical data. So the Zimmerman calculation is now based on the average Temp and Humidity for the next 24 hours as well as the sum of forecast precipitation over the next 24 hours. This is different to WU. In essence, the new logic looks to ensure watering is sufficient for the forecast weather rather than replenishing based on yesterday’s weather.

But there are still some piece that need to be updated based on these changes and the Diagnostic popup in the App is one such area. Currently the Mean Temp, Humidity and Precip values are not those being used by the zimmerman calcualtion. Recognize that this causes some confusion and will be addressed soon. If you do want to see what the underlying inputs to the zimmerman calc are then you can call the service directly from a browser. The format is below but you need to update the loc to represent your lat,long and wto options to reflect what you have configures in the Zimmerman setup, i.e. replace the h,t,r with the % values and the bh,bt,bp with the baseline values (in imperial):,-0.1&wto="h":100,"t":100,"r":100,"bh":70,"bt":59,"br":0

This should give a response as below where scale is the water level and rawData is the average temp and humidity as well as total precipitation over the next 24 hours. raining is an indicator of whether OWM believe it will rain in the next 3 hours.


If you are seeing metric values in the UI when you expect to see imperial then make sure you have your location configured correctly in the Map page of the App as the locale is driven from that information (i.e. generally metric unless location is US and a few other countries).

The UI assets can be hosted locally and instructions are on the OS Support site here