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Hmm, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen this comment on the forums. It could be a caching issue given the difference between main and incognito.

Basically, the App checks the Browser locale at start-up to initialise an isMetric field. It uses the browser language setting to do this (i.e. “en-GB” says English Great Britain and therefore metric). It will then overwrite this default based on the Location you have set in the Map following a successful call to the Weather Service. So you could have a language set as “en-US” which puts you into Imperial but then subsequently see it change to Metric as the weather service identifies you in Germany.

I’m hoping you know how to use Chrome Developer Tools ? If you are able then could you open Chrome Developer Tools in both the General and the Incognito tabs and enter the following two lines into the Console. This will tell us the current situation and help bottom this out: