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Currently with OpenSprinkler all you get is that if it happens to rain when you want to water, it blocks it, +3-4 hours. Can’t add extra delay.

It’all the same as the other rain sensors. There is a ring which controls how fast it dries back after the rain, but this is not something really smart.

For example, with the drying ring totally open, it dries out within 3 hours, with the ring closed, it dries within 4 hours. If it’s windy, it dries out faster, also during the day.

Totally unreliable method, compared to what a software could do. You’re nowhere near if you want 24 hours of delay after a rain.

My extra-old Toro GK8-16-04 was able to do that, I really don’t get it how can it be that such an innovative solution like OpenSprinkler is missing a basic feature like this…