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Yea I think the bottom line (and what we are all trying to communicate in general) is that OWM is appealing on the outside, but total garbage for everything we expected it to do. Or just garbage in general.

If we base anything off of trash data, the best we will get is trash result. OWM data actually destroyed a noticeable chunk of our landscape … unfortunately … and we are now fixing it. And it sucks because it only took 6 weeks to destroy it with OWM. (Don’t overlook my negligence in not noticing fast enough.)

But looking at reality: humidity, temperatures and rain are variable. And plants and trees are obviously still alive today (humans, now that is a questionable existence, no idea how that’s continuing on).

So even with OWM’s horrible faults, and the fact that I would never use them for anything I value – and honestly wouldn’t wish them on my enemies – the plants and trees do recover, but something needs to change real quick.

Or they won’t recover next time.

We have spent probably $1K USD to fix what the OWM data screwed up. And that isn’t including my pain, time and anger dealing with it.

The OWM service has no legit support, we can’t even identify whether or not they are receiving our weather data, and the best I can say is “THANK GOODNESS FOR THE INDIVIDUALS WHO HAVE INVESTED THEIR TIME AND RESOURCES INTO ALLOWING US TO USE OUR PWS AGAIN.”

Cheers to them, including Peter, Ray and Samer, and the others who have contributed. I feel bad that OWM didn’t work the way it should have. But it has got to go.

Whatever the solution is, we are more than happy to donate datacenter resources to the cause. Email me at [email protected].