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A bit of a difference? 20 F is a bit of a difference?
You’re right, I’m not running a nuclear reactor. What I’m running is an appliance that was advertised to adjust based on the weather.
Since WeatherUnderground is no longer available, it seems we’re stuck with OpenWeatherMap. And apparently for parts of Australia and certainly for my part of the US, OpenWeatherMap is useless.
Ray recommended I try nearby cities. Well, I tried 4 that are nearby, and NONE of them has a correct forecast on OWM; they’re all low by 10 to 20 F.
Yes, the Zimmerman model is running on predicted average temps, and the OWM predicted average temps for my area are consistently wrong. Garbage in gives you garbage out.
There’s no point in continuing this discussion. Unless OWM gets fixed (apparently about the same time Hell freezes over), I’m simply going to have to turn off the weather adjustment. And honestly, I’m no longer going to recommend OpenSprinkler to anyone.