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Sorry to hear of your loss Paravis. I don’t really recall how I spotted the crazy values but it was early on thankfully.

After setting up a local weewx station to serve weather report to open sprinkler I was still exposed if the internet or UW service stopped as I was sniffing the data. Well the internet did go down due to a botched upgrade from the national telco for several hours. During the outage have now redirected the PWS to the local webserver that then simply forwards on the same url to UW. The sniffer continues to function. So now internet connection loss does not have an effect on OS.

For those interested, below is the local php that forwards onto UW I am using. As I was already sniffing I was able to cut the script down from


// Parse the wunderground packets sent from the ObserverIP
// Pat O'Brien, 1/14/2016

// Make sure the ID and PASSWORD fields match what we think it should match. If it does, this update is valid and continue. 
if ( ($_GET["ID"] == "yourPWMID") && ($_GET["PASSWORD"] == "yourPWM_PW") ) {
        // Auto send data query right to wunderground //
        $wunderground = file_get_contents("" . $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']);
        echo $wunderground;

} else {
        header('HTTP/1.0 401 Unauthorized');
    echo 'failure';