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@paravis, you can query OWM for your particular PWS data. I have been sending in my PWS data for a few months now and have checked that it is being received using their new v3.0 api. You can make a call to the url below substituting in your api key and station id to get the last weeks worth of daily values:<station id>&type=d&limit=100&appid=<app id>&from=1559476800&to=1560081600

As far as I understand it both WU and OWM have in effect have two loosely coupled solutions each. The first allows users to store/receive PWS tagged weather observations. They both then use this data to help “teach” their predictive solution. The predictive solution allows the user to query the weather for any lat/lon and WU/OWM apply their “artificial intelligence”, “crowd sourced”, “interpolated”, “micro-location” (buzzword buzzword) algorithm to predicts the current/forecast weather at that location. It is a little un-intuitive that querying based on your PWS ID and then querying based on your PWS lat/long can give very different results. This is because WU and OWM weight the value of PWS information to reflect that most personal weather stations are both poorly sited and poorly calibrated (I suspect they positively bias information from national observers and airport stations that might be further away from the requested position).