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Hi Enrico,

Offcourse Smartsolenoids can be controlled by any Opensprinkler controller, they have been developped to be a addon and an extension to Opensprinkler for wireless control of valves and sensors.
Hardware consist on a Esp32 Lora board that work as trasmitter and a number of Smartsolenoid LoRa receiver , using Stm32L0xx processor ,to open or close latching valves and to aquire local sensors.

I can provide you the receiver boards inside a waterproof enclosure
, the enclosure can be mounted near to the valve or in top of it.

Regarding Software you have 2 options:
using Firmware 1.0 fully tested and operational since last year , you will have a central Esp32 Oled Lora board that run an OpenSprinkler 2.7 code that i have modified to run on Esp32 and to control remote Smartsolenoids. This Sw it is fully compatible to standard Opensprinkler and can be set as an extension to other OpenSprinkler controller like the one you already have.
You have to locate the central unit where you have WiFi coverage and need to be connected to power with an Usb adapter.

Otherwise using Firmware 2.0 you can use same hardware and get more functions, like sensors reading , intelligent programmable controls, cloud storage , push notifications….
The software 2.0 it is still under development but a beta release will be available shortly.

You can use same HW for both firmware.

Preliminary price tags are :

50€ Smartsolenoid receiver boards
65€ Smartsolenoid receiver + enclosure and antenna
40€ Esp32 Lora Oled transmitter/Opensprinkler controller with enclosure

Shipping cost within Europe shoud be around 25€, if you wish i can be more precise about it!