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@jeffhaas, the new weather service has gone through a number of fixes/tweaks over the last few months and should be providing reasonable watering levels if correctly configured. However, some users have reported that the OpenWeatherMap data is not an accurate/reliable service for their particular location. This seems to come down to specific micro-climate conditions that OWM isn’t able to model or errors in the OWM data for a particular location.

To help us understand your situation, can you expand on “the weather adjustment wasn’t working” ? Is it that it is “stuck” on 0% or is it that the watering level changes but doesn’t reflect your particular weather conditions? It would help if you could let us know the version of App, Firmware and Hardware you are using (see the About menu item in the app), as well as, providing a screen shot of the System Diagnostic page and the Zimmerman Adjustment Options page. You can upload images using the “Attachments: Choose File” button when submitting a reply.