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Hi Peter,

I don’t use the skin method for weewx. just the Wunderground “push” data way as documented at opensprinkler Github opensprinkler-weather. In fact I updated that document with a little more comments (pushed to master)

I’m sure that Weewx is sending the data, it’s in the log from Weewx (and I’m one of the developers on the Weewx system!) and I also see a log from the OS weather service, example:

Jun 25 20:10:30 OSPI npm[201]: OpenSprinkler Weather Observation: {"action":"updateraw","ID":"opensprinkler","PASSWORD":"opensprinkler","softwaretype":"weewx-3.9.1","baromin":"29.980","dewptf":"62.3","humidity":"038","dateutc":"2019-06-25 18:10:00","dailyrainin":"0.00","winddir":"253","tempf":"91.6","windspeedmph":"1.5","windgustmph":"2.7","rainin":"0.00"}

Bit more system info, running the OSPI software and the weather-service on the same RPI 2 B+, the weather-service is on port 8081 and OS on default 8080.
then I go to the SU page (example url: and fill in for the weather-service.

I also asked some friends on WeeWx google forum if the got it working…. some one build a own CGI interface for it 😀