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Hi all,
Please help this guy:( Remember the adage “Never trust a programmer with a soldering iron”.
As instructed I made rain sensor link with 12k pull up resistor and 5.5k current limiting resistor and connected it to 5v and GPIO14. I connected a NC rain sensor from Amazon. When I set weather sensor to “Rain” and “Normally closed” Open Sprinkler oscillates between “Rain detected” and “System idle” in approximately 10 second intervals.
For the rain sensor open circuit is 3.5V and connected is 0 volts at the sensor terminals.

I am using Open Sprinkler V1.2.1.8 (2), App 1.8.6, Hardware version OSPI
Raspberry Pi Revision 0002 – Model B Rev 1, Linux, raspbian V9 stretch

Can you tell me what I’ve done wrong please?
Do I need to upgrade OSPI?

tia Mick from Darwin in the NT which is a desert with a wet season.