Thanks for the reply Ian.
I was just using the 10 second time for example to express a pretty short time not like regular irrigation times.

I would adjust the time to whats needed based on actual timing and output. It would probably be closer to 30 sec to a minute.

Hopefully one day I can set up a sensor to detect the water. Basically I would run until the sensor detected the mist, water built up.

The timer I currently use has two contacts close together and when it has water on it can stop the program.

Ive never trusted it though so I keep a plastic bag over it. LOL The manual recommended some silicone between the contacts to disable but I didn’t do that because I thought one day I might use.

Thanks also for the programming tip. Yes eventually I would like to incorporate external calls to start a mist cycle. Would love to get some weather data and maybe change the mist time based on temperature. As the day gets hotter, I would increase the mist time.

I travel with work 80% f the time, so getting remote access is what drove me to start looking for solutions. Present timer works well but recently had either a battery issue or solenoid issue. I left it out all winter last year so didn’t take very good care. Hoping to get some flow monitoring also. That way I can verify actual water flow. Might even set up two valves with OpenSprinkler that way I can start the other one if it appears the other valve isn’t working. Trying to get some backup plans in place. Using the wife to monitor and/or actually open some stuff isn’t cutting it, LOL!